Overall Score based on 219 feedback reports: 9.9 out of 10

Sorting out my email
Prompt and helpful service.
Client in Reigate, November 2017

Remove excel programme + reset EZ Back Up
Work done remotely by Ricky to a very high standard.
Client in West Molesey, October 2017

Browser and scanner problem
Arrived on time. Understood the issues. Fixed very quickly.
Client in Chertsey, October 2017

Investigate possible trojan attack
By running software that was new to me, found no evidence of a trojan attack, though one had been threatened.
Client in Esher, September 2017

Problem between printer and PC
Ricky always manages to sort out our problem. This time remotely.
Client in Esher, September 2017

Resolving problems downloading photographs onto PC from mobile
Problems resolved quickly.
Client in Esher, October 2017

Addressing issues of slow computer response
Ricky did not waste any time checking the computer over and giving it a health check, although he was not able to identify any specific problems. In addition he resolved a couple of other outstanding issues and gave useful advice on possible upgrades.
Client in Surbiton, September 2017

Suspicious emails
I have always found Richard's advice clear, accurate and helpful.
Client in London, August 2017

My computer became extremely slow
Brilliant, came to my house with minimum fuss went through all the possibilities and sorted the issue.
Client in Leatherhead, August 2017

Service of my PC, checking security and backup arrangements
Service was prompt, personal and met my needs. It was easy to arrange a convenient time for my appointment, Ricky was punctual, polite, professional and able to deal with all my requests.
Client in Cobham, August 2017

Oversaw renewal of ESET security package, transferred voice message digitally from answerphone to laptop as permanent file
As always, the work was carried out in a sensitive, professional and friendly manner. Great company, highly recommended.
Client in Cobham, July 2017

PC not working at all, RL solved it
Ricky has helped us on many occasions. He is always very professional and extremely patient - not minding explaining things to us as he is working which is important to us.
Client in Esher, July 2017

Resolve problems with Chrome
Very satisfied.
Client in Esher, July 2017

Transfer of files from old laptop to new one and help with set up
Ricky was extremely helpful and professional in dealing with our laptop, we needed our old files and documents transferred to our new laptop but the hard drive was corrupt so Ricky took it away to fix and then came back to install it as the job took longer than we first thought it would. He also made some recommendations for anti-virus software and made sure our security software was up to date, all while explaining what he was doing in terms I could understand! The whole service was great, quick, easy and convenient. I will use Tiptop Computers again in the future.
Client in Surbiton, June 2017

New charger for laptop and printer advice
Sundry work over the last few years from sorting out a network to advice on new laptops and getting new equipment up and running. I have used Tip Top as the IT service is consistently good and reliable and the staff are knowledgeable.
Client in Leatherhead, June 2017

Reconnect wifi downstairs and installed Skype
As usual Ricky was very professional and efficient. I have always found him To be very efficient and helpful.
Client in Esher, May 2017

Google email address made invalid by Google.
Very good and helpful
Client in London, May 2017

IT Local IP Configuration Faulty
Problem diagnosed and resolved immediately! Splendid!
Client in Esher, May 2017

Replacement of Hard Drive
Ricky suggested replacing the hard drive as our computer was being very slow. The work was carried out in a couple of days and the computer is much better now. He gave us advice about several other issues with the computer/wifi, which was much appreciated. Unfortunately there was a small mistake with regard to the invoice which took a couple of phone calls to sort out, but nothing particularly material.
Client in Esher, February 2017

Took all data and programmes and apps from old laptop to new and configured
Excellent personal service from Ricky at Tiptop
Client in Leatherhead, March 2017

Problem with back up disc
All working well now.
Client in New Malden, March 2017

Overhaul of IT systems (email and storage)
Excellent all round. Would thoroughly recommend.
Client in Walton-on-Thames, March 2017

Took all data from dead PC and uploaded to new PC and configured new PC
Always kept us informed and delivered on time
Client in Oxshott, March 2017

New Windows profile to replace faulty version; transfer data.
Thorough approach to task with no time wasted.
Client in Esher, February 2017

Installation and checking of PlusNet
Prompt and considerate service as usual.
Client in Thames Ditton, March 2017

Removal of Trojan/virus and provided back up drive
Once again, Tip Top to the rescue with yet another 'Top' job. Although there are computer techs in my area (I live in Hampshire), I've used the services of Tip Top Computers for years and trust the guys 'with my life' so can't recommend them enough. Trustworthy, professional and thorough. Thank you once again.
Client in Camberley, February 2017

Reset password
Prompt Service, got back on line Promptly
Client in West Molesey, February 2017

Printer maintenance
A good job well done as usual
Client in Kingston upon Thames, January 2017

Advice/cleaning/new keyboard/email delivery
As I continue to be a novice IT-wise, I have for many years now been able to rely on this team, most recently Ricky, for efficient, prompt and patient response whenever needed. I have recommended the company a number of times over the years.
Client in Thames Ditton, January 2017

Sorting out miscellaneous issues on my PC
Very efficient and thorough, knew where to look, on top of all the technology
Client in Hampton, January 2017

Re-establishing network connection after Windows 10 update
Carried out quickly and efficiently
Client in Thames Ditton, January 2017

Sorting out the photo library on my mac
Third or fourth time I've used TipTop - always happy with them! What's probably quite straightforward for a Mac expert is not straightforward for me so I'm happy to have someone who can sort all the little queries I have when I buy a new computer. Thank you!
Client in East Molesey, January 2017

IT Local IP Configuration Faulty
The computer shut down OK but next morning I had no IT access! Ricky came shortly after I struggled to find a Solution to no avail by W10 help systems. In 10 minutes he checked all connections OK and then reinstalled the 'NIC Card' Result: All tested OK! Problem solved.
Client in Esher, December 2016

Connecting contact page and resolving problem with Microsoft
Brilliant attention to detail and very helpful - as always. Thank you.
Client in Leatherhead, November 2016

Setting up new laptop
Couldn't have done it myself! Ricky always very professional and pleasant to deal with.
Client in Chertsey, November 2016

Virus removal
Ricky always does a very good job in sorting out any problems I have with my computer. I would highly recommend him, and in fact Tip Top Computers.
Client in Esher, November 2016

Sorting out a computer of one of our contractors
As always, Tiptop and Richard Banks in particular were helpful, completed the task in a timely fashion and had the computer up and running quickly. We've used Tiptop for years now and have been extremely satisfied with their service.
Client in Esher, November 2016

Various over several years - eg setting up new computers; new software; eradicating virus
Have used TipTop for many years and would (and have) recommended them to others.
Client in East Molesey, November 2016

Re-issue of the ESET licence
This was carried out very quickly and on a Sunday too!
Client in Kingston upon Thames, October 2016

Find missing Microsoft folders
Always great service, cannot complain
Client in Esher, August 2016

Installed Windows 10 onto new external drive, "fixed" everything else so it worked as previously, under Windows 7 HP
All very well done. Everything was fine, after the event.
Client in Claygate, July 2016

How to minimise the size of my online crossword
A straightforward job which was well done
Client in Kingston upon Thames, August 2016

New laptop setup and 'refurb' of pc
I have used Tiptop several times in the past, and as always, everything went very well.
Client in Cobham, June 2016

Update computers
Always very professional
Client in West Molesey, July 2016

Installation of new computer and software
Perfectly satisfactory and clearly explained.
Client in London, July 2016

Installation of Windows 10
It's fine.
Client in West Molesey, July 2016

Sorting out the mess after Microsoft 10 automatically loaded itself onto the PC
There are still some un-recoverable folders in one particular file over a period of approximately one month. I accept that the initial faults arose due to Microsoft's exceptionally poor service in not asking my specific permission to automatically download their windows 10 software onto my computer, and without adequate safeguards that could have saved me a great deal of anxiety, expense and waste of my time by their arrogant and uncalled for action. They should be paying my bill. I have nothing but gratitude for Ricky Love's calm professional approach in preserving my sanity over a period of nearly three weeks. Thank you Ricky.
Client in Esher, July 2016

Internet connection
Had upgraded from Sky + to Sky Q and upgraded Broadband services on June 4th and as a result lost internet connection. Sky were unable to help as it was a computer issue. Ricky attended and after a spot of 'trouble shooting', did the necessary and restored the connection. Have to say, after being without the internet for the best part of 2 weeks it was a relief to get it back. What did we do before the internet was invented?? Thank you so much Richard, Ricky and the team at Tip Top Computers. A thoroughly professional job and an A1 service. 5 stars!
Client in Camberley, July 2016

Investigating problem with Microsoft's auto upgrade to Windows 10, and loading Photoshop Elements.
So far everything seems to be working properly now after Windows 10 was removed and my computer returned to Windows 7. Thank you for a professional service.
Client in Surbiton, June 2016

Laptop would not connect to WiFi
Richard was great and work was completed in under 15 minutes
Client in Ashtead, June 2016

Checking system and upgrade to Windows 10
Work undertaken as specified.
Client in Esher, June 2016

Bought a New Computer
Richard is phenomenal and helpful in every way. I would recommend this company.
Client in London, June 2016

Returning to earlier system
Ricky did an excellent job, as always. The only reason that I have placed less than 10 above is due to telephone communication not being as reliable as your overall service.
Client in Esher, 2016

Transferring from old to new computer
All achieved very efficiently by Ricky. A few small subsequent problems were rectified by Team Viewer. I have every confidence in him and the company.
Client in Kingston upon Thames, May 2016

Removing unwanted items on desktop, programs, syncing, installing Office, setting up Outlook etc. Adding iCloud and importing items from previous computer.
Superb, more than satisfied with the quality of the work. The level of communication made things simple. The professional attitude and nothing was too much trouble attitude, all ensuring that we now have great confidence and will use Ricky for any support we need ongoing. We would thoroughly recommend the Company and Ricky to anyone we know who needs help with their PC etc.
Client in Chertsey, May 2016

General help
Always great and excellent communication with non geeks.
Client in Isle of Wight, May 2016

Resolved spam nuisance by creating new email and divert
Understood the problem and resolved it in the most appropriate way. Delighted with the result. The new email is free and flexible, enables me to transfer my email account to a different broadband provider later.
Client in Hampton, May 2016

Unlocking my computer which kept "freezing" and updating my inbox
Client in Uxbridge, May 2016

Internet Explorer not working. Ricky reinstalled it but when it packed up again recommended changing to Google Chrome and helped me change to that.
Very helpful and supportive.
Client in New Malden, 25 April 2016

Set up two new laptops, transferred data from one to another, set up router, installed programs, set up printer, plus email address in outlook
All work carried out in a friendly and professional manner, will use this company again.
Client in Esher, 21 April 2016

Data recovery on External Hard drive
Mr. Love is very professional and knowledgeable and was able to assess the situation and recover data which was encrypted due to a HP system recovery image saved to the hard drive gone wrong.
Client in South Croydon, 14 November 2015

Fix Outlook on Windows 10
Great job. Thanks.
Client in Esher, 26 October 2015

Updating Firefox, Adobe and other software
Excellent service as normal.
Client in Esher, 9 October 2015

New desktop computer installed and set up
Good honest small business to deal with.
Client in Thames Ditton, 3rd September 2015

Setting up wireless extenders around the house
I have used Tip Top Computers twice now and both times I have found their service to be excellent, polite and professional. I am now looking into taking out a monthly service contract with them as I believe they will be a reliable service for the future.
Client in Leatherhead, 20th August 2015

Solved problems relating to Windows 10 upgrade - permissions, lost emails etc. Improved computer speed. General spruce up.
Excellent service to resolve problems and generally enhance running of computer.
Client in Guildford, 19th August 2015

Reconfiguration of printer settings
I left printer with them while we went away for a week and it was ready when I rang up on our return.
Client in Esher, 17th August 2015

Updating things, testing email, and examining faulty external hard drive and suggesting a replacement
As always Ricky was helpful and very thorough so I am able to feel reassured that everything is up to date and safe.
Client in Surbiton, 11th August 2015

Installed printer, removed unwanted programs, setup cloud backup
Work was carried out quickly and professionally. For me as not fully confident with computers on the IT side, and sorting out problems, I had every confidence in the work carried out.
Client in Guildford, 7th August 2015

Data recovery on Mac. Full system backup. Update to latest version.
Delighted with the work. Was completely taken care of. Would highly recommend Mr Banks and Tiptop Computers.
Client in Thames Ditton, 5th August 2015

Removed virus from laptop.
The work was done as requested and on time. My computer is now working very well. He also advised me what to do in the future and even helped me try to install a piece of software I have been struggling with. Would definitely recommend.
Client in Esher, 30th July 2015

Installing new computer.
Very professional and knowledgeable ....easy to communicate as I am not good with technology ...
Client in Esher, 28th July 2015

Attempted Repair of laptop
Excellent service. Laptop collected and great communication about what could and could not be done. All options priced for me and nothing appeared to be too much trouble.
Client in Kingston-upon-Thames, 21st July 2015

Evaluate network, recommend and implement improvements (including installing SSD drive into Mac)
I am happy to recommend your service having had  such a great result from your help. It’s made such a difference to my productivity. 
Client in Ockley, 10th July 2015

Rescue of data off crashed hard drive and reinstallation on a new drive
Have used TipTop several times now and each time they have been helpful and quick. They communicate in terms that an "ordinary" computer user can understand and offer helpful advice and options. I'm very pleased to have them in the area.
Client in East Molesey, 17 June 2015

Insertion of taped interview onto my Facebook page
Very Satisfactory
Client in Cobham, 15th June 2015

Installed PC in new location, removed viruses and installed new software
Ricky was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and professional
Client in Weybridge, 5 June 2015

Crashing Internet Explorer. Cleaned and rectified other parts of laptop.
Ricky Love, who I met when TipTop was in Thames Ditton, is a thoroughly professional technician who quickly fixes computer glitches and explains in layman's terms how to avoid repeats. I have every confidence in knowing that the information stored on the computer is in safe hands. Thank you.
Client in Surbiton, 1 June 2015

E Mail problem solved, very helpful general "tutorial" and update.
Richard Banks is a credit to his organisation. I found his visit not only solved my problems but gave me the assurance and confidence to continue using my computer. In my 80th year I was beginning to have my doubts. All the 10s above were well earned.
Client in Esher, 29 April 2015

Replace hard drive and test.
Fast, friendly and efficient.
Client in Kingston Upon Thames, 13 April 2015

Wash and brush up, removal of surplus background programmes.
The laptop is now running much faster following the removal of Rapporteur and some other software. The blue screen of death has not re-appeared.
Client in Esher, 19 February 2015

Enabled access to computer. Repaired update problem on two laptops.
Carried out swiftly and efficiently.
Client in Esher, 11 February 2015

Update of computer + rectification of problem with Outlook.
Problem resolved in the efficient manner that we have come to expect from Tip Top.
Client in Esher, 18 December 2014

Set up new Laptop with backed up data and installed Microsoft 365 and encrypted back up drive.
All sorted quickly, and installation of missing driver to ensure backup working and encrypted.
Client in Leatherhead, 16 December 2014

Laptop would not load profile.
Our problem was solved very quickly, as always very professional and helpful would highly recommend Tiptop Computers.
Client in LONG DITTON, 1 December 2014

Resolved laptop performance issues.
Solved in one visit.
Client in Leatherhead, 18 November 2014

Unable to connect to internet on laptop although iPad was working
As a non-techy OAP it is reassuring to be able to call and know that the problem will be fixed.
Client in Esher, 29 October 2014

All data transferred to new tower PC
All data transferred from old hard drive and sorted into manageable files in Windows 8, and all connections made (printer, Microsoft Office etc). A very successful installation carried out by a very professional and helpful engineer. Thank you Ricky for all your help and assistance with the problems I have encountered.
Client in Esher, 20 October 2014

Sorted email problems
Very helpful
Client in Woking, 14 October 2014

Order, deliver and install new tower unit. Add extra features and transfer data from old machine
A well managed very successful installation. All old files transferred and old machine left working in case of need. Highly competent.
Client in Leatherhead, 14 October 2014

Access sorted for email
Quick, efficient and helpful
Client in Woking, 13 October 2014

Had a problem loading files
Brilliant. Extremely helpful and understanding. Found the difficulty, loaded a new application and problem solved.
Client in Leatherhead, 9 October 2014

Identify ault and repair on Buffalo Teradata
Promptly and courteously carried out including sourcing a second hand spare as unit no longer available.
Client in Leatherhead, 6 October 2014

Pop up problem
It was Robin Wellstead re-examining my computer that was attended to 16 September. Very much appreciated.
Client in Surbiton, 25 September 2014

Checked and tested connections (printer, mobile, WiFi) for email and internet, removed unwanted programs, ran mbam and scans for viruses and trojans, none detected. Gave advice re WiFi, mobile and internet
Quality work by a skilled professional, good customer communication.
Client in Hampton, 23 September 2014

Telephone assistance
Quick, efficient, professional.
Client in Cobham, 16 September 2014

Laptop de bugged and made to work again
All done in a very professional and helpful manner - things explained in simple terms and all my options explained in a very clear and detailed manner. Thank you - will be recommending.
Client in Kingston upon Thames, 11 September 2014

Laptop de bugged and made to work again
All done in a very professional and helpful manner - things explained in simple terms and all my options explained in a very clear and detailed manner. Thank you - will be recommending.
Client in Kingston upon Thames, 11 September 2014

Extra memory added to the hard drive
Excellent job - done while we were on holiday. Only slightly let down a bit by lack of communication between 'diaries' and ' unavailability of discs'. But all rectified pretty quickly. Ricky was very professional and competent as always. Would definitely recommend.
Client in Esher, 19 August 2014

Corrected antispam problem
TipTop are highly professional computer engineers who can be relied upon to advise on and solve computer issues. Their timekeeping can be a bit wayward but it's usually because they are solving somebody else's problem!
Client in New Malden, 15 August 2014

Checking hard drive back up and remote log in
I would recommend this company.
Client in East Molesey, 14 August 2014

Cleaning up 2 laptops
Very efficient and professional service. I'm impressed. Will recommend and use again.
Client in Esher, 27 July 2014

Problem accessing excel
Really quick and easy, problem solved.
Client in Esher, 4 July 2014

Reconnecting to google and general and thorough clean-up of computer
I was up-dated on time of arrival at my house. Punctual. Everything explained clearly and without hurry. Can't fault it.
Client in London, 4 July 2014

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