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Charities rely on IT as much as any other body. But where commercial businesses see IT as a necessary cost to increase productivity and efficiency (and therefore profit), charities understandably have an altogether different approach. They typically wish to spend as little as possible on IT so that they have more to spend on their charitable cause. This is where we can help.  Every penny counts, and we know how to make it count.

  • We legitimately source software and licenses specifically designed for charities at a fraction of their retail cost.

  • We offer discounts for Registered Charities on all our services including our Support Contracts.

  • We implement tried and tested solutions resulting in a stable IT system and fewer support requests.

  • Where an IT system has been lovingly held together by a charitable well-wisher over the years, we can evaluate your system to highlight the ‘good bits’ and suggest replacements for the ‘bad bits’ which are causing regular operational issues.

  • We keep the tech-speak to a minimum so you have the confidence to know what we’re doing and why.

  • We are trusted by some well-known charities, including Citizen’s Advice Bureau, CO-Gas Safety and The Fircroft Trust.

Free Managed Servers, Desktops & Laptops

Signup to our Pro Support package (from £100 per month) and any servers, desktops or laptops you want added to your Managed Devices list are free. Managed Devices mean that protect them with our Managed Antivirus, monitor their health, keep them updated with the latest security patches, and run tune-ups to keep them running smoothly.

See the benefits of an IT Support contract.

Testimonials from Other Charities

Kay Harris, Chief Executive of The Fircroft Trust

“TipTop have been really great at sorting out our techy problems and quick to respond. It is very reassuring to know we can just call TipTop and if they can’t advise over the phone they come straight round and deal with it with minimal interruption and understand our charity needs completely.”

Stephanie Trotter OBE, President of CO-Gas Safety

“TipTop came into the life of CO-Gas Safety in 2005. They are very patient and don't talk Geek, but real English. They are also wonderful in emergencies. They are very hard working and reliable.


They also sense what new technology will be suitable for me and what will just frustrate me and waste my time and the charity’s money. I cannot praise their patience and professionalism highly enough. I couldn’t have run this charity without them. I would recommend them to anyone.”

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