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As businesses shift resources to the cloud, Microsoft 365 is quickly becoming standard. While it’s true that some editions of Microsoft 365 include data loss prevention and litigation hold options, these are not the same as a backup, and not every small business wants to invest in enterprise editions. These native options do not create a second copy of your data that is stored in a separate physical location, and they are not designed for fast restore of deleted emails or data.

Our Netcare Backup for Microsoft 365 solution can backup your company's Microsoft 365 information, and can restore single files/emails or whole folders to an earlier point in time.

What's included?

For £3/user per month, our cloud backup solution includes:

  • Email Accounts

  • OneDrive

  • SharePoint

  • Teams

We monitor this backup on a daily basis to ensure your backups are running successfully.

Reasons to backup your Microsoft 365 data:

  • Protection against data loss: Users can often unwittingly (or purposely) delete important emails, or OneDrive or SharePoint files. If this happens, we can quickly search for and recover what you need.

  • Support for compliance: If you are responsible for an organization that falls under regulations with data-retention requirements, we can help you retain and archive critical data.

  • Point-in-time restore: Exchange mailboxes are backed up automatically up to six times a day, and backups for OneDrive and SharePoint accounts are performed automatically up to four times a day, giving you multiple daily restore points.

  • Data retention: Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint data is retained for seven years, giving you many potential restore points from which to choose.

This service is available to clients with Netcare.

Phone 01372 46 4321 for assistance.

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