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Is your website old and tired? 
Not mobile-friendly? Can't edit it yourself?


Use our REFRESH service. We will re-build your website with...

  • A fresh, modern design, with easy navigation for your customers
    Our website design will feature a fresh and modern aesthetic, with intuitive navigation that ensures ease of use for visitors. The professional appearance of the website will adhere to modern standards and provide an exceptional user experience.

  • Mobile-friendly
    In recognition of the significant role mobile devices play in website traffic (currently 58%), we will optimise the website to be mobile-friendly. This ensures that the website looks equally impressive on both desktops and mobile devices.

  • Easily-editable by YOU
    The website will be easily editable by the you, with a simple login feature allowing for changes to be made to text, images, and more with ease. There is no need for additional software.

  • Fast & responsive
    In addition to the aesthetic appeal and ease of use, the website will also boast a fast and responsive design, eliminating the need for users to endure prolonged wait times for page loading.

  • Looks awesome!
    Finally, the website serves as a powerful tool in promoting the growth of your business, with a visually attractive design that captures the attention of potential customers.

Give your website a new lease of life.
It's a window into your business, after all.

£500 off the

first 5 orders

How refreshing!


Click to switch between the old and new sites.

£1499 includes up to 10 pages. Excludes VAT.

Nothing! Just give us the go ahead and we'll do the rest. We'll copy the text and images from your old website so you don't need to lift a finger. If you'd like any images or text changed, that's fine - just send us over the replacement text and we'll use it instead. Or you can wait until the new site is ready and you can login and edit the text directly yourself.


We use a platform called Wix to build our refreshed websites. We'll base it on a template at first, but then heavily customise it so it is unique and tailored to your brand. Wix also host the website once it's live, with hosting costs from around £7.50 per month which should be similar to your current hosting fee.


To begin the website creation process, we require a £99+vat deposit to be paid to confirm your order. The development process typically takes around two weeks before the website is ready for launch. During this time, we will present you with an initial design and seek your feedback. Once we have incorporated your feedback and achieved a design that meets your satisfaction, we will proceed with building the remainder of the website.


Throughout the development process, we will provide you with access to a development link, enabling you to monitor the progress of the website build and offer feedback as necessary. During this stage, we will transfer the relevant information from your old website to the new one, with a focus on promoting key features of your business and ensuring the navigation is user-friendly.


Our development site is accessible at all times, allowing you to give feedback on various aspects of the website such as picture selection, text placement, and overall design and feel.

Once the website is complete and you are content with the final product, we will connect it to your domain, allowing it to go live and be accessible to the public.


Of course! When you're new site is ready, we just tweak the domain name settings to point it to your new website to make the site live.

Start your refresh

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