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Speed & Reliability is Key


Choosing the right broadband provider and network hardware will ensure you realise the fastest speeds and best coverage throughout your home.

If fibre is available then it's definitely worth opting for since it can offer speeds as high as 330Mbps which is phenomenally fast. Choose your provider wisely. The big firms like BT offer discount deals to get you locked in but then their on-going support is terrible. Zen Internet offer excellent support, but you will pay a little more for your service.


WiFi Coverage

WiFi is affected by many things such as walls, ceilings and doors. Fortunately you can have multiple WiFi points connected either via cables, or even using your power circuit in your home. It's very clever and not expensive. We can assess your home's structure and make recommendations as to what WiFi kits is required to five you good an reliable coverage.



If you’re experiencing slow loading times or your connection keeps dropping we can test your connection and recommend the best way to resolve it.


Phone 01372 46 4321 for assistance.

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