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The integrity of a business network is critical to ensure continuity of service and protection of sensitive data.

We will ensure your computers and networks are protected against threats using the latest security protocols, the best and most reliable products in the industry and we can monitor and manage your security for you for complete peace of mind.

We can advise and implement a security policy for your network and ensure it is enforced. For example, it may be prudent to encrypt all laptops since they are more at risk of falling into the wrong hands. We can roll this out with a minimum of disruption and manage the encryption keys to ensure your business is always in control and has the necessary access it needs.


Services include:

  • Installation and Management of Business-Grade Antivirus, Firewall & Spam Policy

  • WiFi Security

  • Password Policy Management

  • Elimination of Default Network Passwords

  • Backup Management

  • Drive Encryption

  • Asset Management

  • Auditing


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