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Mesh WiFi is a newish kind of WiFi system which replaces WiFi extenders.
Traditional WiFi extenders can only communicate with your main router, and if you set up multiple WiFi extenders, they usually can’t communicate with each other. However, mesh WiFi units can talk to whichever unit they want in order to provide the best coverage possible to all of your devices, which is a huge benefit.


This also means that they don’t all need to be within range of the router, vastly increasing the potential size of your WiFi network.


Another advantage is that it avoids having multiple WiFi names, since all units work together to provide your WiFi network. You still have the option to create a Guest network to prevent unauthorised access to other devices on your network, but again this is provided by all units working together.


Since Mesh WiFi units work together to provide your Mesh WiFi, you can seamlessly move between WiFi points without loss of connection.


Often, Mesh WiFi systems have a host of other features which can be easily controlled such as giving specific devices priority over the others (for faster connection), setting time-schedules for WiFi access, controlling smart-home devices, and parental controls.

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