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Limited Warranty

If your computer is faulty-under-warranty, please contact us and ask for a Warranty Repair. We will take your details and setup a return, and you can return it to our offices at your convenience.



This Limited Warranty includes parts & labour to repair the affected hardware, and Windows reinstall if required.

This Limited Warranty must be specified on your purchase invoice, and it covers the specific hardware that it refers to on the invoice.

If a fault is diagnosed with your computer on site, the time spent up to that point is chargeable at our standard rates. The faulty computer will then be transferred to our workshop for an in-warranty repair to take place.

This Limited Warranty does not include (charged at our standard rates):

  • Software issues

  • 3rd-party hardware

  • Data backup/transfer/recovery

  • Reinstallation of 3rd-party software or drivers
  • Repairs/services carried out on-site

  • Issues caused by accidental damage

  • Collection/return of affected equipment

This Limited Warranty is in addition to our Terms of Business which can be found here.


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