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Using a laptop? Is your data secure?

Laptops are becoming more popular than ever, since they take up less space and you can use them anywhere. One thing you may not have considered is what happens if the laptop gets stolen, or accidentally left somewhere when you’re out and about. What data is on there? Is it sensitive? If it’s used for work, would the company have to report a data security breach?

“But I’ve got a password on my laptop” I hear you say. This in itself is not enough. Anyone with basic computer skills can get around this and gain access to all the files and photos stored on the laptop’s hard drive.

What you need is encryption. This is where the data on the laptop’s hard drive is scrambled, so cannot be accessed by anyone without your password to unscramble it. Computers with Windows 10 Pro and Apple Macs have the encryption feature built in, but you do have to enable it. If you have a laptop with Windows 10 Home, then you’ll need to pay around £100 to upgrade to Pro for the encryption feature to become available.

Losing your laptop is stressful enough already, but some comfort can be taken in the knowledge that you’ve not lost control of your data too.

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